Suggested Use and Ingredients

Personal Use
- Allbetor organic lotion is oil free and filled with firming peptides, therefore use it first or right after your facial toner.  
-Our founder Michelle layers it in three small applications for her face.  She rubs a pea size amount all over her hands, pats, and sweeps it upwards on her face and then repeats that again.  
-The 3rd application, she takes a tiny amount and taps it around her eyes, forehead, and mouth.  A little goes a long way.    
-Then she uses a nickel size amount per body part.  
-After you have applied your desired amount, top it with your other favorite products, oils, and sunscreen.  
Professional use or with at home spa tools                                            
-Apply generously.  It’s advised to massage one layer into skin and then pat a thicker layer on to ensure treatment flow.  
-Dilute with water for desired consistency for varied types of use and equipment