The Fountain of Youth - an island therapist creates her own multipurpose lotion for face and body

  According to Michelle Larson, a licensed massage therapist with a skincare practice on Staten Island, looking older is now optional. She has become known for her “natural face-lift,” achieved using all-natural Allbetor products and microcurrent technology. Over a series of weekly visits, she said, such a treatment will revitalize the skin, from chest to forehead.

 While this natural face-lift put the islander on the map, it’s not the only game-changing treatment she’s been a part of. A few years ago, Larson set out to create her own product, designed to hydrate skin and prevent aging. “I started with a chemist,” she said. “Told him my goals: It had to be organic. It had to work for all types of skin. I have sensitive skin, so I needed to be able to use it when I give Microcurrent treatments and for myself.”

After four prototypes, Larson knew they had a winner. Allbetor (pronounced “all better”) is a certified-organic face and body lotion combining aloe (keeps skin elastic), avocado (UV protection, hydration, and vitamin-rich), coconut (for moisture retention), peptides (help form new collagen), willow bark (helps prevent acne and unclogs pores), neem (an anti-inflammatory), meadowfoam (reduces wrinkles and aging), and rosemary (tightens skin and stimulates cell growth).

“I love it, I love it,” confessed Larson, who uses Allbetor daily. “It’s organic, oil-free, and conducts electricity, so it works microcurrent devices and spa equipment”—suitable for both at-home and professional microcurrent machines and spa equipment, Larson explained. “It’s also safe for tattoos and great for shaving.  It’s effective at normalizing skin on the face and body.”

Allbetor has been well received. “I’ve gotten so much positive feedback,” Larson said. “It is special to be able to create this.” 


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