Beauty Tips

The tips on this page are some that I know that work for everyone. Everyday I get asked about my opinion of different brands of beauty products and how to look younger in general. I like all natural everything as much as possible. A best friend of mine in the beauty world told me that some science in skin care is great and she’s right.  If it feels right and consistently works for you, use it. These are a collection of beauty tips I've learned from clients that are simple and mostly free. I use them myself!! ~Michelle Larson

My #1 Beauty tip:  SMILE : )  Turn that frown around 90% of your day.  It will really change your face.  Catch yourself when you look sad, frowning or are raising your eyebrows or clenching your jaw or forehead and relax.  Then lightly or boldly smile.  I call it the Mona Lisa smile!


2- Drink lots of water -  Add a drop to lotions for more hydration.  For resilient skin, after you get out of the shower or bath, grab a few drops of water and pat it onto face before using skin care products.  Drink more water!


3- I prefer vegetable soap to wash my face.  My favorite brand is PRE de PROVENCE, any scent.  I sometimes use a small piece of natural loofa to apply the soap using gentle circular motions.  Some woman with great skin use only water.  


4- Exfoliate almost everyday if you can handle it.-  Vary exfoliating everyday by using something strong like a scrub  one to three times a week and more gentle methods like a washcloth daily.  Do you like grains, a sponge, cloth?  Use what's good for your skin type.  You can use your own fingernails.  No hard scratching.  Lightly scratch off any debris on your face while under the shower lightly.


5- A key to looking younger is the way you apply products to your face.  Everything you apply should be pressed, patted, and smoothed on, not rubbed and smooshed.  Be gentle!

A) After you wash and exfoliate your face pat it dry.

B) Grab a few drops of dripping water from the faucet and gently pat your face.  

C) Rub between your hands then pat it on your face.  Pat, press, and smooth gently.

D) Apply serum.  Get the type of serum you need specifically for wrinkles, acne, spots, whatever concerns you. 

E) Moisturize your face.  My favorite is Allbetor, the best lotion ever.  It’s certified organic and feels amazing.  Use about a pea size to a dime size amount. 

F) I like a 2nd lotion application, a light one, pressing around eyes, mouth, and forehead.  

G) Use SPF -  Day cream, sunscreen, BB cream, CC Cream, Makeup, whatever you like.  SPF 15 or higher.  I add even more lotion to all makeup and spf, it goes on beautifully with smoother, even coverage.


 6- Sleep on a satin or silk pillow case.  This is a great tip taught to me years ago by my hair dresser.  Not only will you hair look better in the morning, It can save you a decade off aging, at least I hope.  No more squished cheeks, eyes, and hair.  You might want to wash and dry the pillow case a few times before trying to sleep on it.  Otherwise it can be too slippery.  If you are sliding around, you won’t like it.  Break it in by throwing it in a few loads.  


7- Pimple popping - There's a right way to do it if you have to.  Too bad, but we all get them once in a while.  Dr. Oz says you have to break the surface of pimple before trying to squeeze it out.  Think about it, If you squeeze a water balloon in the middle it bulges out the sides, it doesn’t pop.  If you make a hole in the balloon the water squirts out.  Same thing for a pimple, make a tiny opening on the top of the pimple before you squeeze and it squirts out.  Dr. Oz says use a pin to puncture the tip from the side and pull up.  I prefer tweezing off the tip.  I like a flat head tweezer.  Pluck the pimple like a hair then get a tissue and squeeze close at the sides by pushing down and in.  If you squeeze twice and nothing comes out, walk away and check back tomorrow.  Don’t ruin the surrounding skin when nothing comes out.  2-3 pushes maximum.  Blackheads – Pluck them with a tweezer, you can sometimes grab it outwith the tweezer.  After plucking, gently squeeze it out with a tissue by pushing down and in closely at its sides.  My favorite skin care brand for acne clearing is by PETERTHOMASROTH.  My favorite product is the AHA-BHA acne clearing gel.  I use it everyday to keep pimples away.


8- Facial Stretch.  Make a face like a lion yawning.  Tongue out and down as far as possible while opening your mouth as wide as possible.  Do it a few times a day to lift the chin and relax the face.


9- Dermal Rolling can be done at home and is a wonderful way to refresh the skin.  Tiny micro needles are rolled across the skin to aid in the production of collagen.  It is gentle enough but very effective in reducing fine lines and large pores.  It is not recommended over acne.  

 10- The gua sha tool is a must have in your at home beauty kit   It helps decrease puffiness, sculpts facial muscles, brightens complexion, diminishes dark circles, helps tighten the skin, and softens fine lines and wrinkles.  

11-If you're in the Staten Island area or surrounding regions, come see me for The Natural Face Lift with Michelle Larson, you’ll see results right away.  Purchase gift certificates here.   It utilizes safe, gentle microcurrents call (646)239-6528 for and appointment.  For at home I recommend NuFace.  


11- Eyebrows frame the face.  If you have sparse, missing, or over plucked eyebrows, consider getting a cosmetic tattoo or a good brow makeup to accent your natural features.  There are many tutorials on YouTube that can show you how to apply the makeup.