Customer Reviews

Although we've opened our own store, these are some of our amazing 5 STAR reviews from when we were on Amazon... 
on September 17, 2015
Love this lotion since I have been using it, my skin looks great is firmer, smoother with less wrinkles. I also use it all over my body! Is a great product!!!
on September 24, 2015
I have very sensitive skin, this product with its aloe base is super fine on my skin. Love it❤️💜💚
on August 8, 2015
This product is used on my face at facial sessions and I love the way it leaves my skin. Definitely buying it.
on August 20, 2015 this lotion....I put it on morning afternoon and night...and at bedtime..
on July 30, 2017
Love this lotion. Absorbs easily and you can feel it tightening your skin. Only drawback is my husband loves it too and keeps stealing it! Says it's the only thing he's found that keeps him from getting ashy.
on August 7, 2015
This lotion delivers! It's amazingly organic & quenches my tired dehydrated skin. It's light weight & my skin literaly drinks it up leaving my face & chest smooth & hydrated. Not greasy or shiny. I'm so happy with this product!
on August 7, 2015
This lotion is a phenomenal deal! It is all natural ingredients and simply feels amazing on your face. I use it twice a day and no longer have to use eye cream, just SPF. You will not regret purchasing this, and the bottle lasts for months.
on August 8, 2015
This moisturizer works amazingly . It's hydratrating without being heavy. I have very sensitive skin and it does not cause break-outs or irritations. I highly recommend this product for anyone looking for a great nourishing cream without harsh preservatives.
on August 7, 2015
This lotion is fantastic, free of chemicals and perfectly derived from only the best ingredients. I've been using it since it's origination and always been thrilled with the way it makes my skin look and feel!! You can use it on your face and body and it's tattoo safe!!
on August 13, 2015
This lotion is awesome! My face and neck feel tight and fresh. It's light and naturally clean smelling. I use it morning and night and I am super pleased with the youthful results! Look no further for an all in one moisturizer! Allbetor makes my skin feel all better!!
on August 7, 2015
I am so happy to see this wonderful product here on Amazon. I have been using it for almost a year now and I am so impressed with the results, I only use this product on my face and neck. My skin looks so great that my friends ask me "If I have had something done?".
on July 26, 2017
This stuff is amazing! Perfect after sun, and the best moistureizing that's also not oily.
on October 8, 2015
This lotion leaves my skin perfectly moisturized. It's light and airy and leaves my face with that perfect dewy look. It's fragrance free, and never burns or irritates my eyes like some other lotions do. I use it on my face and neck 2x daily, and the bottle lasts me about 4 months.... Well worth every penny!!!
on September 28, 2015
Love, love love this lotion! I have been using it for well over a year now and just love the results. It is very light and does not clog your pores. My skin is softer, firmer and more radiant than ever! It is completely organic which makes it even better!!! Best lotion ever!!!!
on September 10, 2015
As a former beauty editor, I have reviewed many skincare products. I love this cream. It offers great hydration and really soothes the skin. It is also free of harsh chemicals. I have been using it to calm down the redness in my skin as well.
on August 8, 2015
This is a great lotion which is chemically free and full of the best ingredients. It actually makes skin feel tighter and lines appear to be smaller. IT has replaced all of the other product that I have been using. I really love this product.
on August 11, 2015
This lotion is chemical free and can be used both on the face and body. It is such a convenience that is not only effective but multipurpose. You don't have to search any longer for something all natural that works. Don't be fooled by other creams that promise and do not deliver. I am sure you have a dozen useless creams sitting in your vanity collecting dust, throw them out and buy this one!
on August 7, 2015
This is an awesome moisturizer! I have replaced all my expensive day n night creams with this one product. It feels so light and you feel the hydration in your face immedialely. I constantly get compliments about my skin. The bottle size is great too, it last me months!
on September 7, 2016
I have never found a lotion that is perfect for my face, my body, my kids' faces and bodies, but this one does it.
It goes a long way and as anyone knows, a good face moisturizer is worth every penny, let alone one that can be put to so many other uses.
It is super moisturizing without feeling greasy. It keeps my skin moisturized all day long and I put a little extra on at night for a good overnight replenishment. I can't say enough good things about this lotion. You can even put it on your lips! It is magical!
on December 29, 2015
This lotion is non-greasy (oil free), absorbs quick into the skin, and feels wonderful. It's made of ingredients that I feel good putting on my skin and it even plumps up the skin which is good for fine lines/wrinkles. The pump bottle is super convenient and you get a lot of lotion for the money. Would recommend to anyone! Great product.
on October 1, 2015
Love this lotion. I use it all over even on my face. Great for sunburn as well. Almost ready for my second bottle.
on December 6, 2016
Bought this water base lotion to mix with a tanning lotion for a mild and smooth result and it works good.
on September 2, 2016
Using it from past one week and my skins feels a lot smoother and even. Since it is oil free it doesn't clog up my facial pores which is great.
on August 19, 2016
I don't usually write reviews for products, but this one is by far the best moisturizer I have ever used. I have acne-prone oily skin, and since using this product, I have noticed a dramatic decrease! My face thanks this products' existence each time I use it. It's worth buying!
on February 25, 2017
Using it with my Nuface and my Galvanic Ultrasound at home facials. Love the product. I just need to mist water and am getting great results. It's organic chemic free and loaded with ingredients that make the skin look great. It's the real deal. Love it! And it works with microcurrent!
on August 16, 2015
Love this stuff! Perfect all-purpose lotion for sensitive skin! I've used it for everything from facial moisturizer, body lotion, as a conductor for a high tech skin care device I have, as conditioner for my hair, & even as massage lotion in a pinch! Re-hydrates beautifully when applied to skin and more water added later...just a really stellar product & with all the peptides & high quality ingredients the cumulative effects of using it make it even more worthwhile! Highly recommended!
on December 23, 2015
I developed a sensitizer to most lotions, at least everyone I have tried, except this one! My girlfriend had acquired a promotional bottle and one night I tried it and I was hooked- no more rashes!! I can finally use a lotion again! After reading the label more closely I realized it was also being used for microcurrent treatments- at the time, I had no idea what that even was. After some research, I figured I would try microcurrent sessions with my partner. During our first session we realized the therapist was using Allbetor and she swore it was the single best lotion ever. We have religiously used Allbetor everyday since for the past 2 years with and without microcurrent sessions. I can honestly say both my partner and I look younger and healthier- it's kind of a small miracle in a bottle :) What I love more is that I don't have to exclusively buy the bottle from my therapist for twice the price. I found it on Amazon!!! Just wanted to share this with anyone thinking about getting some.
VINE VOICEon February 29, 2016
Per the wife: I bought this for my Nuface - Micro current device. I have Purchased multiple types of gels before, including the gel that is sold by Nuface, the 24k gold version sold for $39 for 2 oz; and a specialty handmade gel with peptides sold on ebay ($12 for 2 oz - same as the regular gel). They all get the job done, but are very expensive. Some of the specialty gel got too close to my eyes and caused pain and redness. During my search for the perfect gel, I located this. It is a cream - not a gel, and is thin, but it has peptides (which are the best for skin) and is 16 oz. I saw one reviewer complain about the price, but when you realize how much product you get, it is extremely reasonable. I slather on a decent amount of this cream and it works fine with my device. It sinks into the skin and is really calming and nourishing. I am very pleased with this purchase and will definitely purchase it again for this purpose.
Enthusiast: Makeupon October 21, 2016
I bought this to use as a conductor for my Clareblend mini microcurrent machine and my Norlanya Time Z Master RF machine and I'm sooo happy I did! I was a little hesitant to buy a lotion over a gel but it's water based and other reviewers said it worked for them and since I liked the ingredients and it's a large bottle, I figured I'd give it a try. What I like best about this is that it stays moist for much longer than any other conductor gel I've used so I don't have to keep reactivating it with my water spray bottle or keep adding more so a little lotion goes a lot further than any conductor gel I've tried. I also like the way it feels on my face, not sticky like all the gels I've tried. And I love all the healthy organic good for my skin ingredients! It's such a bargain too-- way cheaper per ounce than the quality conductors I've used in the past (Jellen Peptide gel conductor, Clareblend mini conductor gel, Le Mieux gel).
**The one thing I felt it was missing was DMAE as I've generally used conductors containing DMAE as it enhances firming results significantly. I solved this problem by researching how to make a good DYI DMAE conductor gel and I purchased a large jar of 100% pure DMAE bitartrare (it has to be bitartrate form as its the only stable form for skin) I purchased Nutricost DMAE Bitartrate 350 mg 100G container and it can be taken internally as a supplement as well as used to make a conductor gel, serum or lotion for firming skin. It's excellent quality and good price. The instructions were on teaspoon of DMAE mixed with 1 tablespoon of aloe gel or other water based gel then mix with water based lotion of choice to make 50 ml of DMAE conductor lotion. You mix it with gel first because it dissolves better and then add the lotion, I chose to use Le Mieux gel as I love that as a conductor as well (but not as much as this lotion). I ended up making the best firming DMAE conductor lotion and I make a fresh batch weekly-- this lotion, DMAE powder and the Le Mieux gel used this way will last me a year (and I use it at least every other day)! Great bargain for awesome conductor!